Welcome to taggingiloveyou

We provide the best to our customer and hope you enjoy the tagging system.

Features of taggingiloveyou

There are too much features of taggingiloveyou, please contact our customer support for more information.

Lifetime Packages

Overall, our team have been working for years have been working to create a tagging service we will be selling it at a cheap prices to you customers.

What can you ask for more?

taggingiloveyou is the best system for you!


All rights reserved, please do not copy any part of our information. Thanks.

Welcome to taggingiloveyou.

Working hard for a few years and we have came out with this tagging system that is cheap and easy to use. Our customer support are yet strong even we have to update our URLs link as and when. Please also help us by purchasing out packages, we open officially on 16 July 2012. If you need a few days tagging please kindly email us and we will give you the best price. This is for you to try out our tagging system as we just open.

-taggingiloveyou team


Monday, July 8, 2019

Welcome to taggingiloveyou

Welcome to taggingiloveyou

We provide the best to our customer, also lifetime packages to you.

Before you begin, you may wish to check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).


- We do support Unicode Symbols (∞☺♥✔☆★©™▼★) etc.
- Frequent update of new blog shops URL and remove invalid link
- Good customer support

Customer who have brought the system please kindly change some of this setting:
Go Tools --- Option ----Advances ----update ---- uncheck "firefox" for stop auto updating , our tagging is support 3.6.18 FF version only

If you are interested or have any question, you can email me @taggingiloveyou@gmail.com  or use the contact form on the left.


Packages A
Lifetime Self Tagging
Lifetime Self Tagging Packages

  • 200 URLs  FOR  SGD$40
  • 300 URLs  FOR  SGD$60
  • 400 URLs  FOR  SGD$80
  • 500 URLs  FOR  SGD$100
  • 600 URLs  FOR  SGD$120

Terms & Conditions 
1. We reserve the rights to alter information on the web or program, price or promotions.
2. There will be no refund after you purchased our packages.
3. Users should not attempt to copy or alter the content of taggingiloveyou program (eg. stealing links, bypassing). We reserved the rights to call for the police or follow the Singapore Laws and take action.
4. In no event shall taggingiloveyou will be held responsible for any harm, loss or negative consequence incurred form the use of our program service, whether accidental or in-accidental.
5. taggingiloveyou does not warrant that the Site contents, functionality, or your transmission of any Site contents from the Site to you will be uninterrupted or error-free or virus-free and shall not be liable for any damages to, or viruses that may infect your computer hardware or software as a result of your access or use of the Site.
6. Subscribers' IP address and URL would be logged by Tag Dolphin only for the purpose of monitoring for illegal activities and the logged data will not be disclosed to any third parties.
7. We reserve the rights to ban subscribers without prior notice for any violation of the terms.
8. Not going against Singapore Laws


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: How does the system work?

A: It is a lifetime autotagging system and the system can help you to autotag for life. Unless you brought the package 2.

Q2: Does the system support symbols?

A: Yes.

Q3: When does the system [Package A] expires?

A: It does not expire, it works for a lifetime.

Q4: Why should I purchase the system from taggingiloveyou?

A: As you can see, you just have to pay a few cash and you can purchase the system and it works for lifetime. You don't have to waste alot of cash hiring other people to tag for you.

Q5: How many characters does your system supports?

A: Our system supports more than 200 urls which Cbox supports. You can customise a long tagline if you want, our system can support it.

Q6: Do you accept Bank Transfer?

A: Yes we do!

Q7: Will I get traffic once I advertise?

A: By placing your advertisement on cbox everyday may increase your traffic, do contact us if you do not have traffic.

Q8: Do I have any rules to follow?

A: There is no rule for you to follow, but try not to keep the programme 
running to spam their tag boards.

Q9: Can I add more URLs to my tagging system?

A: Customer can request to update our system and add in more URLs. 

Q10: How can I update my system?

A: Do contact us if you need the latest version of the URLs. There is a update fee of S$10.

Q10: Do you gave me a full report?

A:  Customer who brought the lifetime package will be able to see the report, but if you subscribe to the company tagging packages you will not be able to see the full report. 

Q11: How do I know if you have tag for me?

A:  You can trace by adding a hit counter to track number of visitors who visited your blog shop. You will see a boost up of traffic to your blog and your advertisment Cbox will start to have tags.

Q12: Can I restart tagging the URLs I have already tagged?

A: Sure after the programme have tagged all URLs that you have purchase, it will restart to tag everything once again.

Q13: Will you tag on the wrong Cbox? 

A: Of cause NOT we collect the data correctly manually therefore there will not be any wrong tagging or such issue.

Q14: If I brought the programme and you have stop operating this blog, what will happen to my lifetime license?

A: The software is a stay alone, it will be running from your computer not from our server. Therefore even we are not operating this blog you will still able to use it.

Kindly inquiry me on


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Demonstration on how our system works


This auto-tagging system package that we're offering works for lifetime. Every time you feel like auto-tagging, you simply double-click the file, key in the password and your computer will start auto-tagging the different blogs. This system also provide report. It somehow tags manually to show you your tags is tagged in other blogshop's advertisement tagboard.

Programs Required

All you need is Mozilla Firefox!

If you do not have Mozilla, and want to download, please click the following link:

Speed Of Tagging

Once every 4 seconds, a new tab will pop-up in your firefox window and auto-tags the blogs.

You can continue playing your games even while tagging.

*Never ever minimize the window, just open another window.

How to stop the system?

To close the system, type Ctrl+Alt+Del in your keyboard. Click "Start Task Manager", then click "Processes". Type 'firefox.exe' and click "End Task".

Another simple way to shut the system down is to just click the 'X' on the top right hand of the window and click 'Quit', never ever click 'Save & Quit'.

Can i make it shut down automatically after the file has finished tagging?

No dear, you can't. It's somehow complicated.

If you want, we are able to change the settings for you, but an additional fee of $10will be charged.

Changing Of Tagname, Tagline And TagURL

You are not able to change your Tag URL, but you are able to change for Tag Line/Tag Name.

If you want to change the Tag Line/Tag Name, please inform us via email.

*Additional fees will be charged by changing your tagline/tagname.

First Timer --> Free Of Charge

Second Timers and the rest --> Additional fee of $1.

Size of Tag Line

Our system's tagline size is bigger than the normal cbox size so you can slowly customize your tagline and send it to us whenever you are ready.

Mozilla Firefox Settings

Before our auto-tagging system to work, there are a few changes you need to make to your browser's settings. These steps are compulsory to make the auto-tagging system work. It brings no harm to your FF browser nor will it affect your computer. Please follow the instructions below. 

*IF you failed to do so, your auto-tagging system won't be able to work.


1. Open Mozilla Firefox Browser and enter (about:config) on the web address.

2. Enter (dom.popup_maximum) in "Filter"

3. Double click on it and change the value from 20 to 1200

4. Enter (browser.sessionstore.resume_from_crash) in "Filter"

5. Double click it so it will change from true to false.

At the top corner of FF, click Tools > Options > Content. Then, untick "Block pop-up windows"


Sunday, July 29, 2012

~~Hot Deals Package~~

Our team will check our prices here every day to give you a cheap prices!

Here are all our packages from out taggingiloveyou team, please contact us if you have any request packages from us that our package does not offer. We will try to find ways to provide it to you, but kindly just check all the package here!

Hot Deal Package A

Lifetime Self Tagging

Lifetime Self Tagging Packages

  • 200 URLs  FOR  SGD$20/- (Retail SGD $40, SAVE $20!) <<BEST DEAL>>
  • 300 URLs  FOR  SGD$55/-  (Retail SGD $60, SAVE $5!)
  • 400 URLs  FOR  SGD$70/-  (Retail SGD $80, SAVE $10!)
  • 500 URLs  FOR  SGD$85/-  (Retail SGD $100, SAVE $15!)
  • 600 URLs  FOR  SGD$100/-  (Retail SGD $120, SAVE $20!) 

Kindly inquiry me on



Sponsor/Advertisements for this promotion

ON SALE: $3.50
Retail: $4.60 (SAVE $1.10)
Postage fee: $0.50
Shipping fee: $5

Size: Around 4 cm

There are three different choices to choose from: We have one female which comes in pink bow and one adorable cute male sticking his tongue out in a playful way. Last but not least a mail panda.These panda bears are actually a couple and still in love! Buy these squishy panda bear phone charm now and put it into good use as bag or phone charm!

Interested? Contact us @ 9030-6678
***We are not link with taggingiloveyou.***

Thursday, July 26, 2012

About the program

Why am I going to use this program?
This program is build for net users to advertise their blogshop/website. Please see our advertisement box below for examples. 

Where does it advertise on?
We will send you a program to tag on advertisement box on other people blogshop. The chat box we will be tagging is by http://cbox.ws/

Some FREE services you may not want to miss it!
We may give our customer some free special services like sending your blog/website to google, yahoo... etc.
Thus, it will also increase your traffic!

If there is still some enquiry our staff would like to serve you, please kindly drop us your question on the bottom right corner. Or you may want to use the contact us form. Our helpline will reply you within 24 Hours.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Latest Updates


Customer who have brought the system please kindly change some of this setting:
Go Tools --- Option ----Advances ----update ---- uncheck "firefox" for stop auto updating , our tagging is support 3.6.18 FF version only

If you are interested or have any question, you can email me @taggingiloveyou@gmail.com  or use the contact form on the left.


Here are all our packages from out taggingiloveyou team, please contact us if you have any request packages from us that our package does not offer. We will try to find ways to provide it to you, but kindly just check all the package here!

Packages A
Lifetime Self Tagging
Lifetime Self Tagging Packages

  • 200 URLs  FOR  SGD$40/-
  • 300 URLs  FOR  SGD$60/-
  • 400 URLs  FOR  SGD$80/-
  • 500 URLs  FOR  SGD$100/-
  • 600 URLs  FOR  SGD$120/-

Kindly inquiry me on


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mobile View

Sorry guys there is a slight problem when you use mobile to view our site by  desktop view . We have change the setting already to a mobile view when you are surfing using your phones. Please do not view as a desktop view.

-Taggingiloveyou Team